'Checklist', 'Article', & 'Project' Planning Templates Go Up & RUN (10/4/2011)

  • Introducing New Styles 'Checklist', 'Article', and 'Project' Format Planning Templates
     Planning Templates help precisely find your needs to prepare a task, event, or project, no matter it is a leisure Sunday beachside tour, or a formal 500-guest wedding project. Members can configure planning from scratch or use shared templates as a guided short-cut. Most importantly, just One-click leads to find relevant resources and classified listings near your area. It saves time to make all things done.

    What’s New?

    'Checklist-type' planning templates remind important tasks or items to eliminate possible miss in a hurry. While 'Article-type' planning templates provide more descriptive content ability to record planning processes and comment in detail with Photo illustration.

    What’s Enhanced?

    'Project-type' planning templates are enhanced to organize a relatively larger scale project in detail such as tasks, budget, assignees, and due dates, and track ongoing projects.

    Lots of shared templates from members give you different aspects of planning and recommendations, and you definitely can share yours to help others.  Don’t wait, learn more about planning templates and start to plan your next mission possible like a professional.

    egRENT team