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Plan, Invitation & Photo
Template Category: Parties

Eddie at Irvine, CA
Last Updated: 09/19/11
1. Party Planning
It takes some effort to plan a successful party based on objectives, target guests & age, budget, activities and location. The most common are birthday parties, especially for kids and their fellows. More and more party service providers give you a turn-key solution on a full package to assure you have most fun with less effort by offering venue, food, and entertainment. We can have more options to plan the next party.
Party Kingdom - The Inflatable Party Kingdom
Party Kingdom is an indoor jungle of fun sure to make your party roar.
Funn Unlimited - Premier Ride and Inflatable Rental
Imaginable inflatables and a large selection of mechanical rides that appeal to all age groups.

2. Guest Invitation
Advance Plan for Guest Invitation and RSVP helps better control your party quality.
Send digital invitation and track RSVPs --
Wedding Invitations - I Do Concepts
Mail Invitation Card to all guests for RSVP confirmation.

3. Photos at your party
For large group of party, photographing your party will leave you and participants lots of beautiful memory. Do not skip this task. With available advanced technology, you can use digital camera to record the event or hire professionals to do it for you.
Photography by Demetrius
Hire a professional photographer or team to record special event for your long-term memory.
Photo Booths for Parties2
Boost fun with your best frieds in a photo booth.