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2 Fun Entertainment(1)
24 Hour Party Speaker Rental(1)
3 Wheel Drive(1)
9 South Productions(1)
A Touch of Class Ensembles(1)
A Virtuoso Pianist David Zipse(1)
AAA New Mexico Video FILMING 2 DVD(1)
Aardvark Ent Network LLC(1)
Acoustic Dream Productions(1)
Acoustic Guitar by Rick Iacoboni(1)
Acoustic Musician John Ford(1)
acoustic passion(1)
Acoustic Weddings San Diego(1)
Act IV Music(1)
Adagio Strings(1)
Adams DJ Service(1)
Adonia String Trio(1)
Aerial Artistry(1)
Affordable Wedding Services for North Texas(1)
After Dark Band(1)
After Hours Entertainment(1)
AJacks Music Mania(1)
Alan Adler Piano and Keyboards(1)
Alessa MC(1)
Alison Haynes Music(1)
All Occasions Entertainment(1)
All Weddings with Reverend George Herzog(1)
Alli and the Cats Jazz That Moves You(1)
Alpine String Quartet(1)
Always Perfect Piano(1)
Ancient Future(1)
Angel With A Harp(1)
Angela Predhomme(1)
Anna Reisenweaver Flute(1)
Appassionato Violin and Piano Ensemble(1)
Apple Mountain Music(1)
Arioso Strings(1)
Around The Block Band(1)
Art Strings Ensembles(1)
Ashley Toman Harpist(1)
Atsmagic Entertainment Inc(1)
Ava Lemert(1)
avec strings(1)
Azalea Duo(1)
Azalea Strings(1)
BA Music Bam Jazz and Carolina Klezmer(1)
Bacchus Group Productions Ltd(1)
Bach To Bebop(1)
Bad Moon Band(1)
Bandidos de Amor(1)
Bandstand Music Inc(1)
Banshee in the Kitchen(1)
Bel Airs 50s and 60s Band(1)
Bellissima Music Services(1)
Ben Brown Music(1)
Big Lyles Big Events(1)
Bill Sargent Bands(1)
Bill Willits Fingerstyle and Classical Guitarist(1)
Birmingham Violin(1)
Black Olive Jazz(1)
Blondies Blast(1)
Blu Note Jazz Band(1)
BLUE BREEZE BAND Motown RnB Soul Jazz Blues Weddin(1)
Bluegrass Duets(1)
BLUZadx Band(1)
Bob Cooper Band(1)
Bobby Way and the Wayouts(1)
Boston Harpist Lizary Rodriguez(1)
Breezin Smooth Jazz(1)
Brian Eliason(1)
Brian Fortner(1)
Bridge Quartet(1)
Browne and Taylor Duo(1)
Buddy Jones Jazz Combos for(1)
Calore Trio(1)
Calypso Bluz Tropical Island Duo(1)
Caribbean Music(1)
Carl Atilano(1)
Carolan Creative Enterprises LLC(1)
Carolina Strings(1)
Casablanca Piano(1)
Catherine Barrett(1)
Celebration Musicians(1)
Cellidoscope Cello Quartet(1)
Central Florida Strings(1)
Ceremonial Services(1)
Certain Music Certain Weddings(1)
Chanterelle Duo(1)
Charleston Wedding Soloist(1)
Charmed Life Music(1)
Chesapeake Strings(1)
Chicago Pianist Kathie Nicolet(1)
Choice Entertainment(1)
Choo Choo Entertainment(1)
Cincinnati Formal Music(1)
Clarksville Strings(1)
Classic Mix(1)
Classical Guitarist(1)
Classical Pianist(1)
Classical Spanish Flamenco Bossa nova Flamenco Fus(1)
Clintonville Jazz Company(1)
Cloud 9 String Quartet(1)
Cocktail Sax Jazz Band(1)
Colorama Premier Performance Club(1)
Columbine Entertainment(1)
Commonwealth Brass(1)
Commonwealth Musicians(1)
Craig Duncan Music and Entertainment(1)
Crown String Quartet(1)
Daisy Strings(1)
Dallas Solo Violinist(1)
Damon Stinson(1)
Darby and Barbi(1)
Dave Ivaz Music(1)
David Abramsky Cello and Piano Music(1)
David Bandrowski(1)
DC String Quartet(1)
Deja Groove(1)
Delinda Layne(1)
Denis Daoust Pianist Vocalist Accordionist Organis(1)
Dennis Moss Jazz (1)
Deron Baker Music(1)
Destiny of Louisiana(1)
Deuces Wild(1)
Devils Rope Productions(1)
Diamond Events LLC(1)
Dj and Lighting Services by Rudy(1)
DJ Max Factor(1)
DjRay Productions(1)
DJVegas Brides DJ(1)
DLS Music(1)
Donald Dean Band(1)
Duke And The Boys(1)
Earl Lee and The Early Revue Band(1)
East West Jazz(1)
Eboni Strings(1)
Eclectic Entertainment(1)
Edward Burns Guitar Performance(1)
Eileen Guza Violinist(1)
Elegant Flute Sounds(1)
Elegant Musicians(1)
Element Band(1)
Emily John harpist(1)
Enjoy with Troy PianoStylist(1)
Ensemble Con Brio(1)
Evie Rein(1)
Expressway Music Inc(1)
Fast Forward Band(1)
Firebeard Music(1)
Flamenco Guitarist(1)
Flint n frendz(1)
Fontainebleau Strings(1)
Frantillo Strings(1)
Gary Starling Jazz Bands(1)
Gary V One Man Band and DJ Service(1)
Gene Richards Entertainment Live Sax Show(1)
Gerard Carelli Orchestra(1)
GG Artists(1)
Gina Boyce(1)
Glorious Brass(1)
GM ProductionsLLC(1)
Good Stuff Music(1)
Graceful Music Harpist Pianist(1)
Graceful Occasions(1)
Groove Merchant(1)
Guitar Entertainment Unlimited(1)
Guitar Travels(1)
Gutsy Woman Productions(1)
Happy Couple Duo(1)
Harp and Guitar of Birmingham(1)
Harp Elegance Online(1)
Harp from the Heart(1)
Harp Harmonies(1)
Harp Music by Jan Jennings(1)
Harp Music for Treasure Valley(1)
Harp Music for You(1)
Harp Reverie(1)
Harpeggio Music(1)
Harpist Alison Renee(1)
Harpist Christine MacPhail Wedding Harp Music(1)
harpist Geoffrey Ricketts(1)
Harpist Jenny Glass(1)
Harpist Karolyn Witcher(1)
Harpist Kate Petak(1)
Harpist Katrina Saroyan(1)
HARPIST Kim Davidson(1)
Harpist Mary Keener(1)
Harpist Melissa Gallant(1)
Harpist Roxanne Urfer(1)
HARPIST Stacy K Davis(1)
Hawaiian Entertainment(1)
Hayden Music(1)
Headline Mentors Entertainment Agency(1)
Heart Strings Musicians(1)
Hermes Music(1)
Hill Country Strings(1)
Holley McEllroy(1)
Hope In Healing(1)
Horein Studios(1)
Hubbell Street(1)
Images Party Band(1)
Inner Roots Band(1)
Irwin Rubin VIOLINIST(1)
Its Show Time Music(1)
Jacksonville Flutist (1)
Jacksonville Strings(1)
Jacksonville Wedding String Quartet(1)
Jake Blackshear Jazz Quartet(1)
jan aldridge clark(1)
Jason Sulkin Music(1)
Jay B Guitarist(1)
Jazz Ethics(1)
Jazz Vocalist(1)
Jean Huang Pianist(1)
Jeff Harrington(1)
Jeff Taylor Entertainment(1)
Jennifer Johnson Wedding Violinist(1)
Jennifer Louie Violin and Musicians(1)
Jerry Yochelson(1)
Jess Dickinson Cellist(1)
Jesse Christian Hendricks(1)
Jessica Hrehor Violinist(1)
Jessica Linkous(1)
JHaning Music(1)
Jim Lanier(1)
Jim Laurie Entertainment(1)
JM Flutes(1)
Jody Hughes Music(1)
Joe Enroughty And His Royal Virginians(1)
Joe Steelheart steel guitarist(1)
John Demas Tampa Bay Classical and Jazz Guitarist(1)
John Parker Bands for all occasions(1)
John Rae Group(1)
Joyful Sounds Productions(1)
Julia Shaffer Harpist(1)
Julie Evans Violinist(1)
Julius Sanna(1)
Justin Sotelo Guitarist(1)
Karaoke Junkie(1)
Karla Harby Flutist(1)
Kat Epple Music(1)
Kathleen Bisson(1)
Kathy Schmidt Vocalist(1)
KC Photography Music Service Drum Lessons(1)
Keenan McKenzie Jazz Band(1)
Kevin Gault(1)
Kevin Hackler Jazz(1)
Kevin Sweatman Solo Trumpeter and Jazz Quintet(1)
Kings Kompany(1)
Klezmer Kings(1)
LA Samba Dancers(1)
Laila and Yohannes Murphy(1)
LAL flute(1)
Latin Gypsy Combo(1)
Le Sorelle String Quartet(1)
Lee Michaels and Judi Prane(1)
Lehua Lanis Polynesians(1)
Let It Rip Karaoke(1)
Life Support Band(1)
Lincoln Haury Violinist(1)
Live Wire(1)
Logan Street(1)
Lookout Mountain Bagpipes(1)
Lori Andrews JazHarp Records(1)
Lori Spencer Music(1)
Loring String Quartet(1)
Los Boleros(1)
Los Primos(1)
Love Nurtured Music(1)
Love Songs by Mike Serenading and Wedding Services(1)
Mack The Knife Dance Band(1)
Magnolia Strings(1)
Main Street Cafe(1)
Manny Cepeda Orchestra(1)
Marc Hoffman(1)
Marc Sherman Musical Entertainment(1)
Margot Hayward Harpist(1)
Mariachi Agua Clara(1)
Mario Hernandez(1)
Mark Dezii Entertainment(1)
Mark Ralston Entertainment(1)
Masterful Musicians(1)
Matt Ferrante and Modern Times(1)
Megan Kabela Harpist(1)
Megan Stout Harpist(1)
Megans Law Band(1)
Melissa Park Voshell(1)
Melodic Expressions(1)
Meredith Coffman(1)
Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra(1)
Michael Jeffrey Productions(1)
michael taggert magic(1)
Michelle Fink(1)
Midnight Rose Trio(1)
Mike Sales Presents(1)
Minister Alicia Smith(1)
Misha Feigin(1)
Miss Rose and Her Rhythm Percolators(1)
Moeller Cello and Guitar Duo(1)
Monarch Trio(1)
Monte Vista Strings(1)
Morrigan OBrien Flute(1)
Motor City DJ(1)
Music by Leah(1)
Music By Lulu(1)
Musical Duo(1)
Musical Elegance Ariana Violins for Special Occasi(1)
Musical Moments(1)
Musical Rendez vous(1)
Nashville Harpist BettyAshton Andrews(1)
New Attitude Productions(1)
New Orleans Finest Musicians(1)
New Orleans String Quartet(1)
Nite Time(1)
Noteworthy Music(1)
Nu Groove(1)
Occasional Detroit ENT(1)
Ojai Music Service(1)
omar mesa(1)
On Common Ground(1)
One Sixty Mile Transportation Inc(1)
Onita Sanders Harpist and Singer(1)
Orchestra of ONE(1)
Otsego Jazz Ensemble(1)
Out Loud Arts and Entertainment LLC(1)
Pan String(1)
Panjive Steel Drum Entertainment(1)
Passionate Pianist(1)
Peter Daldry(1)
Peter SimmsWedding and Cocktail Guitarist(1)
Phat City Band(1)
Philadelphia String Quartet(1)
Pianist Michael FoxOffering Piano Music for Any Oc(1)
Piano and Guitar Duo(1)
Piano music for ceremonies(2)
Piano Organ and Keyboard music by Craig A Hurst(1)
Piano Player For Hire(1)
Piedmont Brass(1)
Players Club(1)
Popular Demand Music(1)
Positively Africa Band(1)
Premier Music Source(7)
Pure Entertainment(1)
Quartetto Denver(1)
Quartetto Vivo(1)
Ray Townsend Live Entertainment and DJ Services(1)
Rays oldies(1)
Razing Stone Band(1)
Renegade Unlimited Entertainment(1)
Reverend Tan(1)
Rhythm City(1)
Rhythm Society Orchestra(1)
Rick D Productions(1)
Rob Boone Productions(1)
Rob Higginbotham(1)
Robert McCloy Musician(1)
Robert Wagener(1)
Robert Williamson Music(1)
Robin Jons and Company(1)
Rod Tankerson(1)
Rose City Hot Club Gypsy Jazz(1)
Rose City Mobile Music(1)
Rose Music Services(1)
Sabra Callas(1)
Salsa a la DiCarlo(1)
Sammy P Blues(1)
Sand and Strings(1)
Sara Sterling Ansley(1)
Sax N Trax(1)
Scott Klarman Music(1)
Sea Sound Studio Entertainment(1)
Seagoat Productions(1)
Seattle String Ensemble(1)
Set3 Jazz Trio(1)
Shawn Salmon Trio(1)
Silver and Strings Trio(1)
Silver Strings(1)
Silver Winds(1)
Sinatra Tribute and swing band(1)
Skyes the Limit Entertainment(1)
Slim Grim AKA Encence(1)
SMT Music(1)
Sole Music(1)
Solo Steel Drum(1)
Solsa Entertainment(1)
Somebodys Daddy Band(1)
Sonata Music(1)
South Bay(1)
Southern Ground Band(1)
SpaceBar Productions(1)
SSMusic Productions(1)
Stage Pro Entertainment(1)
Steadyimage Multimedia Productions(1)
Steel Drum Caribbean Band RythmTrail(1)
Stephanie Osborne Harpist(1)
Steve Medina DJ Service(1)
Steve Russo Music(1)
Steve Shoaf Music(1)
String Music for Jackson Weddings(1)
String Poets(1)
String Quartet con Passione(1)
StringMusic net(1)
Strings Attached Inc(1)
Stringthing Guitar(1)
Summit Strings(1)
Susan Erwin(1)
Tampa Bays Smoothest Vocalist(1)
Ten Strings Music Studio(1)
The Audio Edge LLC(1)
The Aurora Ensemble(1)
The Berlin Brothers(1)
The Bomb(1)
The Bossa Brothers Trio(1)
The Breaks Band(1)
The Brothers Ali jazz(1)
The Cedar String Quartet(1)
The Central Park Band(1)
The Chris Crosby Group(1)
The Classic Duo(1)
The Craig Satchell Experience(1)
The Crunchy Frogs(1)
The Dreamers(1)
The Encore Quartet(1)
The Fabulous Ultratones(1)
The Funktion(1)
The Giambelli String Quartet(1)
The Houston Jazz Band(1)
The Kings Musicians(1)
the Magnutz(1)
The Mailman and The Special Delivery Band(1)
The Malvern String Quartet(1)
The Marlene Jazz Ensemble(1)
The Music Company(1)
The Radio Killers(1)
THE RIGHT MIX Professional and Experienced(1)
The Ron Smolen Big Band Orchestra(1)
The Saxmen(1)
The Smokestack Barons(1)
The Society Express Band(1)
The Steven Sher Orchestras(1)
The Stirr Entertainment(1)
The Tomcats(1)
The Valley String Trio(1)
The Vanderbilt Strings(1)
The Vendetta Big Band(1)
The Vintage 15(1)
The Way Downs(1)
The Williams Piano Studio(1)
Tiffany Envid Harpist(1)
Timothy McCallum(1)
ToneMar Productions(1)
Top Rank DJs(1)
Trevor Stewart(1)
Trio Con Brio(1)
Trio Sol de Mexico(1)
Tunes by Tausha(1)
Tuxedo Junction(1)
UBU The Band(1)
Uncle Boogie(1)
Uptown ENT Band(1)
Victor Mangine DJ Entertainment(1)
Victorias Magical Creations INC(1)
Violinist for any occasion(1)
Violinist Mary Holleger(1)
Wally West Music Resource(1)
Wedding and Special Event Pianist(1)
Wedding Cellist(1)
Wedding Music by Nicole Scott(1)
Wedding String Ensembles(1)
Weddings With Elvis(1)
Whips and Wands Show(1)
Williams Duo(1)
Wonderchild Productions(1)
Yari More y su Orquesta(1)
Ybarra Music(1)
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PhotoItem NameRate DefinitionRate or Price $ProviderCityStateDistance(miles)
Stephanie Osborne Harpist
Stephanie Osborne HarpistCall for Detail0Stephanie Osborne Harpist LAKEWOODCA6.8
PlanBCall for Detail0PlanB SANTA FE SPRINGSCA10.1
Steel Drum Band for All Occasions
Steel Drum Band for All Occasions3-Hour Rate300Wendy or ClintonCOSTA MESACA12.0
Panjive Steel Drum Entertainment
Panjive Steel Drum EntertainmentCall for Detail0Panjive Steel Drum Entertainment NEWPORT BEACHCA15.2
Premier Music Source
Premier Music SourceCall for Detail0Premier Music Source LOS ANGELESCA22.0
LA Samba Dancers
LA Samba DancersCall for Detail0LA Samba Dancers LOS ANGELESCA22.0
Harpist Katrina Saroyan
Harpist Katrina SaroyanCall for Detail0Harpist Katrina Saroyan LOS ANGELESCA22.0
The Dreamers
The DreamersCall for Detail0The Dreamers LOS ANGELESCA22.0
Sinatra Tribute and swing band
Sinatra Tribute and swing bandCall for Detail0Sinatra Tribute and swing band PASADENACA23.3
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